rotary paddle level switch

Rotary Paddle Level Switch utilizes micro motor as drive device, transmission shaft
contact with clutch. When it doesn't contact with material, the motor runs normally;
when the blade contacts with material, the motor stops running; detacher device
outputs a contact signal and cuts the power, meanwhile it stops rotary. The pressure
to blade is disappeared when the material gradually fall down and the testing device
recovered to the original state by torsion spring. Torsion could be regulated according
to different gravity of material. Rotary paddle level switch can eliminate the normal fault
which other common rotary paddle level switch has. When adding material, it would not
go to stop though the motor stops by cutting power. This can reduce fraction, operating
temperature and extend the lifetime of motor. The switch contains little moving parts,
three sets of drive bearing and sealed, lubricated driving gear assembly. That is why the
RD series of Rotary Paddle Level Switch gains reliable control force in the market. rotary
paddle level switch specially used for detecting material level of warehouse, vessel and
tank. The material level switch can prevent warehouse flooding, tank jam and warehouse
empty so as to reduce flooding, material waste and standby time. Rotary Paddle Level
Switch is also suitable for plastic, food, chemical industry, mineral iron, material and other
solid matter.

Product NameHigh Temp. Adjustable Axis Type Rotary Paddle Level Switch
Working VoltageAC220V/1A; DC24V/0.5A 
Contact CapacitySPDT 5A/250VAC 
Processing Connection2-1/2''×5kg flange; customized
Vane Rotating Speed1RPM
Torque10kg-cm Voltage
Voltage Resistance 1500VAC×1min
Suitable Gravity≥0.4g/cm3
Temp. Range-20~200℃ (the max. up to 350℃)
Electrical Interface1/2″ PF
Protection GradeIP65
Installationvertical or horizontal installation